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In the footsteps of Apostle Paul

Apostle Paul was born to Jewish parents in Tarsus of Cilicia around AD 5-15, an era when according to Strabo, this city was one of the major centers of Greek letters and many Stoic philosophers. It was there that Paul, whose Jewish name was Saul, was taught the Greek language, came in contact with the Greek thought and later studied close to the Hellenist Gamaliel who initiated him into the Jewish theology.
Paul, a persecutor of Christians in principle, thanks to the vision of Christ as he neared Damascus he was transformed into fervently espousing the Lords’ Teachings and into an Apostle to the Nations.

There is much we can learn from the life of the Apostle Paul. Far from ordinary, Paul was given the opportunity to do extraordinary things for the kingdom of God. The story of Paul is a story of redemption in Jesus Christ and a testimony that no one is beyond the saving grace of the Lord.

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